Facial Volumising - Juvederm Voluma®

This has revolutionised facial rejuvenation. As we age, we lose volume in our face, most notably in the cheeks. This causes heaviness and the loss of that youthful shape.

Voluma® is a Dermal Filler specially formulated to replenish lost skin volume to restore that youthful shape to the cheeks and produce a face lift effect, hence the term the liquid facelift.

Glasgow Facial Aesthetics Facial Volumisers

Very often, patients who complain about nose-to-mouth lines are best treated by replacing lost volume to the cheeks. It can also be injected in the jaw line to restore definition.

Glasgow Facial Aesthetics Facial Volumisers Juvederm VolumaFrom our experience, the results are very natural and patients are delighted.

The treatment is also virtually painless with very little pain or swelling.

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